SPEAQ. Communicate during the package journey

You do it every day: ship packages. With PAQATO you achieve up to + 10% more revenue, – 30% less service requests and + 100% stronger customer journey – all during the package journey.

Kommuniziere auf der Paketreise

With post purchase communication powered by PAQATO, the package journey becomes a conversion firework.

Inform proactively

PAQATO proactively informs your customers about status changes on the package journey and prevents dissatisfaction from arising in the first place.


Choose from a variety of communication channels, such as e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp. Plus, with the help of PAQATO, you can speak all your customers’ languages.

Stand out 

Use the shipping messages you send to your customers as an advertising platform for complementary products and promotions. Delight your customers with comprehensive brand communication.

Product is being packed

Your package is being packed for you. Tonight, it will be on its way.

SPEAQ - The package is being packed.

Package was handed over

The package has been handed over to the shipping service provider for delivery.

Yeah! Your order is on its way to you. Discover complementary products to your order.

SPEAQ - The order will arrive tomorrow.

YOUR STORE 08.12.2023 | 22:36 Uhr

Hello Max, your order is expected to arrive tomorrow! You are not at home? Just enter your drop-off location here or reschedule the delivery!

SPEAQ - The package is being packed.
Your order is expected to arrive tomorrow!

Package can not be delivered in Time

We are sorry. Your order got lost and is delayed by one day. Adjust the drop-off location or delivery time window according to your preferences.

SPEAQ - Inform your customers about the entire parcel journey transparently, even in the event of problems.

YOUR STORE 09.12.2023 | 06:36 Uhr

Hello Max,
your order is one day late. We are sorry for that! With the coupon code SORRY123 the shipping costs for your next order are on us!

SPEAQ - The package is being packed.
Sorry – your order is delayed by one day.

Package was handed over

We are happy that your package has reached you. As a thank you for your review you will receive a 5% coupon for your next order. 

SPEAQ - Celebrate the arrival of the shipment with your customers and get 5 star rating.

Package is at the post office

Your order is waiting for you at the post office until tomorrow morning. Pick it up now and make your package happy.

SPEAQ - The order is ready for collection from the parcelshop
SPEAQ - The package is being packed.
Your order is waiting for you at the parcel store!

Package was returned

Your returned item has arrived. Discover our new products now.

SPEAQ - Your return has arrived and is being processed.

Features for an impressive customer experience

Online shops & marketplacesAutomatically inform customers about the status of their package journey after they have made a purchase in the online shop or on marketplaces.

More than + 30 templatesChoose from + 30 different messages exactly the information you want your customers to receive during the package journey.

Your corporate identitySend messages via e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, etc. in your corporate design and wording.

Your favorite channelsChoose from a variety of communication channels such as e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, social media messages and push notifications.

Catchy advertising spaceSupplement shipping messages with banner ads, special promotions, rating opportunities, and complementary services.

International / MultilingualSpeak your customers’ language on the package journey and send status updates in all languages.

Personalized addressHi Favorite Customer, Dear Mrs. Hofmann, Howdy Max – Choose your desired form of address for each customer group.

Delivery ServicesIntegrate services provided by your mail order providers such as desired date, desired location and change of address.

Share your achievementsWell-organized dashboards allow you to share the success of post purchase communication with your team.

Be the money maker
You lead up to + 70% of your customers back to your store for repurchase.

Modern retailers no longer leave the communication of shipping messages such as “Your package will arrive tomorrow” to external mail order providers such as DHL, DPD, Hermes and Co. Because today they know that customers have a high propensity to communicate after making a purchase. Messages sent by the retailer during the package journey lead up to 70% of customers back to the online shop for a repurchase.  

SPEAQ - Die Bestellung kommt morgen an. .
SPEAQ - Das Paket wird gerade gepackt.

Be the conversion hero 
Messages about the shipping status of orders are read up to 110%. Get this conversion and don’t leave it to DHL or Hermes.

It’s never been easier to get your customers excited about buying again. 

Use the anticipation on the package journey and inform customers continuously about the status of their order and complementary products, new services or discount promotions. Complement these messages additional info widgets such as banners and complementary products in your corporate design. Open up an additional conversion boost for your marketing team.

Be the pioneer
Brands like Otto, Peek&Cloppenburg and growth champion KoRo already benefit from automated shipping communication.

It has never been easier to inspire your customers to buy again. 

Don’t leave the important communication with your customer during the package journey in the hands of external mail order providers such as DHL, DPD, Hermes, etc. PAQATO takes care of the correct dispatch of your messages so that your Team has as little effort as possible.

Be the team player
Dashboards & reportings visually show you all the successes you achieved to celebrate them with your team.

KPIs on store returns, repurchases, click-through rates, and ratings – well-organized dashboards allow you to share the success of post purchase communications with your team. In addition, our customer happiness managers support you with questions and requests so that you can offer your customers the best possible communication.

Seamlessly connect the delivery experience tool with your systems

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