SPEAQ. Communicate during the package journey

You do it every day: ship packages. With PAQATO you achieve up to + 10% more revenue, – 30% less service requests and + 100% stronger customer journey – all during the package journey.

Kommuniziere auf der Paketreise

With post purchase communication powered by PAQATO, the package journey becomes a conversion firework.

Inform proactively

PAQATO proactively informs your customers about status changes on the package journey and prevents dissatisfaction from arising in the first place.


Choose from a variety of communication channels, such as e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp. Plus, with the help of PAQATO, you can speak all your customers’ languages.

Stand out 

Use the shipping messages you send to your customers as an advertising platform for complementary products and promotions. Delight your customers with comprehensive brand communication.