Be the money maker
With PAQATO you lead up to + 70% of your customers back to your online shop and inspire them to repurchase.

It has never been easier to motivate your customers to buy again. With PAQATO, you are no longer just sending packages, you bring your online shop and marketplace customers back to your online shop during the package journey and inspire them with new promotions, complementary products and offers to buy again.

Bis zu + 70% deiner Kunden führst du mit PAQATO zurück in deinen Shop und begeisterst sie zum Wiederkauf.

Upselling has never been easier

For every message you send with PAQATO, you have a chance that a customer will repurchase from your store.

You invest time and budget in the appearance of your shop and advertising measures? Motivating customers to buy again is 5x cheaper than acquiring new customers. With PAQATO you still hand over the parcels to your logisticians, but the tracking messages about the parcel status are coming from you and customers are guided to the track & trace page of your shop. The high sensitivity of your customers while waiting for their package leads up to + 110% opening rate of status update messages.

But that’s not all, up to + 70% of your customers also return to the store to track the shipment status of the order on your track & trace page. The marketing potential is huge. Supplement shipping messages and your track & trace page with promotions, product recommendations and inspire up to + 10% of your customers to repurchase.

Make up to + 10% more revenue with the same customers
With PAQATO, you not only improve the customer experience, you also make up to + 10% more revenue on average — with the same customers. 

Successful startups like KoRo and Rose Bikes as well as big players like Otto and Thalia know about the power of PAQATO and generate up to + 10% more sales on average with the same customers using the post purchase communication tool. 

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