The simple e-commerce returns process. 

Delight your customers with smooth returns processing and simplify your internal returns process at the same time. If your customers experience a pleasant returns process, 95% of them are likely to purchase from your store again.

PAQATO Return can be directly connected to your online shop and you can immediately provide your customers with a fully automated returns processing.


Offer your customers a simple and intuitive process to return their orders. Simply include the link to your shop’s own returns portal in your shipping communication and delight your customers with a completely digital returns process in your own design. 

Evaluate reasons for returns

As of today, you are able to configure all reasons for returns yourself. You have your customers’ details available digitally and you can evaluate them immediately. This way, you keep track of which items were returned for which reasons, to fine-tune description texts, size specifications, and product photos for your shop.  

Done with a few clicks

The easiest returns process your customers have ever experienced. Log in, view orders, select items to return, create a return label and self-print – ready for the return journey!

Mit einer erfolgreichen und zufriedenstellenden Retouren-Abwicklung machst du deine Kunden überdurchschnittlich glücklich.

Be the repurchase champion
A well-organized returns process leads to higher repurchase rates. 

PAQATO Return uses a clear workflow to navigate your customers through the returns process. Guide customers to your returns portal via your shipping messages or your track & trace page. In addition to the selection of items and reasons for return, your customers will be able to create and print out their return label themselves. An easy and compelling service! 

An end to paper chaos
It has never been easier to do something good for the environment. 

With Return, you no longer need to print out and enclose the return slip and the return label for every order. Your customers can use your returns portal to specify which items they want to return and print out the appropriate returns labels themselves if required. From now on, you can avoid putting unnecessary labels in your packages. This is not only an important step towards sustainability, but also saves you and your team an additional internal work step.

Spare Papier in dem du den Retourschein und das Retourlabel nicht mehr pauschal mit ausdruckst.
Nutze wertvolles Kundenfeedback zur Optimierung deiner Produktbeschreibungen oder Prozesse.

Be the returns stopper
As of today, all reasons for returns are accessible digitally and can be evaluated immediately.

At a glance, you can identify why and how often an item is returned. This allows you to derive measures to reduce the return rate of a product. Adjust the description texts, add notes such as “This product runs small” or provide additional information on the feel of the product. In addition, you can think about process optimization with regard to your packaging materials or delivery times based on your most frequent reasons for returns.