Be the recommendation hero
Because with PAQATO every package shipment offers the chance of a new customer.

A friend’s recommendation is superior to any advertisement. Because your customer has a trust bonus. Score points with PAQATO by providing the best service at the right time and motivate customers to recommend your shop to their friends.

Die Empfehlung eines Freundes ist jeder Werbung überlegen. Denn dein Kunde hat einen Vertrauensbonus. Punkte mit PAQATO durch besten Service zur richtigen Zeit und motiviere Kunden ihren Freunden deinen Shop zu empfehlen.

Recommendation rates
that go through the roof

Positive referrals are the most valuable thing your business can receive.
With PAQATO, your customers become influencers.

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly think that recommendations are a stroke of luck. The aim is to inspire customers in such a way that they feel an irresistible urge to recommend the product or the store to others. With PAQATO, you motivate your customers to make a recommendation at exactly the right moment, when they are highly emotional.

In addition, PAQATO offers you space for smart recommendation motivations. This combination with automated targeting at the best possible moment makes your referral rates go through the roof.

Every customer becomes an influencer
Show your customers an unforgettable customer experience with PAQATO.

Share the right tracking information, at the right time, via the right channel, and delight customers along the entire customer journey.  This is how you offer an exceptional service that sets you apart from your market competitors. Brands like Otto, Peek&Cloppenburg or growth champion KoRo use PAQATO to inform their customers on the package journey and to strategically increase their recommendation rates.

SPEAQ - Das Paket wird gerade gepackt.
SPEAQ - Feiere die Ankunft der Sendung mit deinen Kunden und erhalte so 5 Sterne Bewertungen im Handumdrehen

Motivate to recommend
With PAQATO, you know the perfect time to convince customers to make a recommendation. 

The relationship with your customer is based on the principle of reciprocity. Therefore, you should only ask for a recommendation after you have exceeded the customer’s expectations. PAQATO knows when a recommendation request is appropriate and offers you space for recommendation motivators such as special offers and coupons.

Enthusiasm with every package shipped
Turn your team’s daily business into the gamechanger of your success story.

Modern online retailers and fulfillers are already taking advantage of the potential of post purchase communication. Don’t leave this important touchpoint to external mail order providers like DHL, DPD, Hermes, etc. PAQATO takes care of the correct dispatch of your messages so that your Team has as little effort as possible.

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