The easiest way to your own track & trace page.

Create your own track & trace page based on a variety of templates in your own corporate design and inform your customers clearly about the status of their package journey.

Der einfachste Weg zur eigenen Track & Trace Seite.
Erstelle auf Basis vielfältiger Vorlagen deine eigene Track & Trace Seite im eigenen Corporate Design und informiere Kunden übersichtlich über den Status ihrer Paketreise.

With your own track & trace page powered by PAQATO, you inspire your customers to repurchase during the package journey. 

Inform and inspire

Inform customers on your track & trace page about the current delivery status and inspire them with a comprehensive customer experience in your corporate design.

Upselling boosts 

Promotions, banners, additional products – design your track & trace page as you wish and let your upselling rate go through the roof.

Start quickly and secure conversion

Elaborate CSS or programming? Not at all! With the drag & drop editor by PAQATO you create your track & trace page in no time.

Erstelle deine Track & Trace Seite ganz einfach im Drag & Drop Editor von TRAQ

Available functions for a track & trace page that inspires

Online shop integration or landing pageCreate your own track & trace page based on a variety of templates in your own corporate design and integrate it into your online shop or use a stand-alone landing page.

UpsellingPlace banners, promotions and additional products on your track & trace page.

Self-runnerOnce set up, your track & trace page will automatically display the appropriate status updates for your customer’s order.

Corporate Identity Show shipping statuses in your design and customize your track & trace page according to your needs.

International / Multilingual Speak the languages of your customers on the track & trace page. Whether it’s German, Spanish, French, Italian or any other language.

Personalized approachHi Favorite Customer, Dear Mrs. Hofmann, Howdy Max – Define your desired way of addressing each customer group.

Delivery Services Integrate services such as desired date, desired location and change of address that your mail order providers offer.

Market research needed?On your track & trace page, continuously query your customers’ satisfaction with products, services, and NPS.

Share achievementsAnalyze visits, clicks and conversions from your track & trace page and share them with your team.

Complete your track & trace page with numerous widgets

Widget - Produkte & Services

Products & services

Include articles and inform customers about complementary products and services.

Widget - Bewertungen


Get 5-star ratings all the time, continuously receive feedback and optimize the store.

Widget - Google Maps

Google Maps

Visually inform customers about the correct location and opening hours of the relevant post office.

Widget - Werbebanner

Advertising banner

Integrate emotional banner ads for promotional periods, complementary articles, newcomer and bestseller products.

Widget Stellenanzeigen / Job-Alerts

Job alerts

Looking for new colleagues for your team? Integrate job banners and inform customers in the vicinity of your office about job postings. 

PAQATO Widget-Welt

Complementary widgets

Using the drag & drop editor, you can easily customize and add content to your track & trace page.

Your own track & trace page 
easily created to inspire immediately

Be the traffic booster
More than + 1,000 stores that already use PAQATO guide their customers up to + 3 times to their own track & trace page during the package journey.

Today, track & trace pages serve not only as a source of information about shipping status, but as an effective marketing channel. Modern teams inform customers about new and complementary products, use upselling opportunities and provide retailer news. Don’t miss out on this marketing opportunity and create your own track & trace page in your corporate design today.

Screenshot - Track & Trace Seite auf dem Tablet
Screenshot - Track & Trace Seite - Sendungs wurde zugestellt auf dem Smartphone

Be the customer experience manager
Complete the customer experience with the package journey.

Your customer has placed an order in your store. Shouldn’t they be redirected back to your store when they request information about their order? Complete the customer experience with your own track & trace page and ensure holistic communication.

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