Easy life 
for your Customer Service Team

Boost the Customer Happiness Barometer with PAQATO!

Inform your customers about the status of their package journey in a fully automated and personalized way. With PAQATO, there will be no more “where-is-my-package” calls. 

Mit PAQATO informierst du vollautomatisiert und personalisiert deine Kunden über den Status ihrer Paketreise

Reduce service requests

With PAQATO you reduce incoming service requests about the package status by – 30%, because your customers get informed automatically about every status change.

Know the package status

PAQATO lists all parcel shipments in an overview. This way, your team knows all the statuses of every package journey and can provide the appropriate answers immediately in case of queries.

Don’t lose customers

On the package journey, your customer’s excitement is at its peak. Don’t transfer the communication to third parties, such as DHL, Hermes or DPD.

An end to music on hold
for customers who don’t know where their package is.

With PAQATO, your customers are proactively informed about status changes on the package journey. Your customers receives the updates via their favorite channels, whether it’s via e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp. Even if the preparation for shipping takes longer or the customer’s address is incorrect; with PAQATO, your customers always stay informed and can influence the package journey in-time. “Where-is-my-package” calls no longer reach your team.

SPEAQ - Das Paket wird gerade gepackt.
SPEAQ - Informiere deine Kunden über die gesamte Paketreise auch bei Problemen immer transparent

Stop losing customers
Up to 91% of your customers don’t complain when parcel shipping disappoints them – they simply don’t shop with you anymore.

During the package journey, your customer’s anticipation is at its peak. Online shops like KoRo and Rose Bikes know this and rely on automated post purchase communication. Because if something goes wrong during the shipping process, your customer is immediately informed proactively and also receives the appropriate consolation, such as a voucher or a discount code on the next order.

Easy life for your Customer Care Team
All parcel shipments including real-time status at a glance.

With PAQATO, your service team no longer needs to spend time searching for the current package status. By entering the order number, among other things, your team can immediately provide information about the current status of the package journey and, if necessary, send the appropriate customer incentive as a follow-up to the call.

Bei QONTROL siehst du auch die Paketdetails inkl. dem Sendungsverlauf übersichtlich mit wenigen Klicks
SPEAQ – Die Bestellung liegt zur Abholung im Paketshop bereit

No more returns
Avoid double costs due to unnecessary returns.

Returns are part of e-commerce business – unnecessary returns certainly are not. With PAQATO, your customers are continuously informed about the delivery time. If the package is dropped off at the post office, your customers will continuously receive reminder e-mails to avoid unnecessary returns.

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