Conversion boost for your marketing team

With PAQATO, your marketing uses the package journey to increase store traffic, to turn one-time shoppers into regulars, and to make shop reviews go through the roof.

Mit PAQATO erhöht dein Marketing während der Paketreise den Shop-Traffic, macht aus Einmalkäufern echte Stammkunden und und lässt Shop-Bewertungen durch die Decke gehen.

Inspire customers

Inform customers about the status of the package journey in your corporate design and wording and accompany your customers until they hold their product in their hands.

Increase touchpoints 

Use status e-mails about the package journey and your track & trace page as effective advertising spaces and inform customers about promotions, additional products or let them rate your store positively.

Achieve conversions

Achieve up to + 10% more sales with existing customers by guiding them to your track & trace page with update notifications.

Get to the sweet spot!

Your marketing team spends a lot of time on lead generation?
Then you should stop losing contact with your customers once an order has been shipped.
Send fully automated and personalized messages about the delivery status in your
corporate design and lead customers to your own track & trace page.

Complete the Customer Journey
What do e-commerce growth champions do differently? They let the sweet spot of the package journey work for them.

Most online shops perform well during the shop experience, but once the parcel is on its way, the customer journey is thoughtlessly handed over to DHL, Hermes or others. KoRo, Thalia and other growth champions don’t miss this sweet spot; because during the package journey, the customer’s anticipation is greatest and customer communication is most effective with open rates of up to 110% and click rates of up to 70%.

SPEAQ - Das Paket wird gerade gepackt.
SPEAQ - Feiere die Ankunft der Sendung mit deinen Kunden und erhalte so 5 Sterne Bewertungen im Handumdrehen

Let your recommendation rates grow fast
Turn your team’s daily business into the gamechanger for your success story.

With PAQATO, you motivate your customers to recommend your shop at the exact moment when your customer is highly emotional. In addition, PAQATO offers you space for smart recommendation motivation in the status messages, for example “Because shared joy is double joy, we’ll send you two vouchers at once. One is for you and the other is a gift for your best friend.”

Get your 5 star reviews
5 star ratings enhance the purchase decision.

For + 90% of your visitors, existing reviews are an essential factor for their purchase decision. Get your well-deserved stars on every package journey. PAQATO allows you to integrate a variety of rating options into your status messages. Whether you choose a star scale or smiley faces showing emotions from happy to sad – you decide which scale suits best for your shop and customers.

5-Sterne-Bewertungen lässt die Entscheidung zum Kauf steigen.
Während der Paketreise ist der beste Zeitpunkt deine Kunden auf die Vielfalt in deinem Shop aufmerksam zu machen.

Turn marketplace buyers into store customers
Make marketplace customers aware of your store’s diversity during the package journey.

It has never been easier to motivate your customers to buy again. Because with PAQATO you do more than just shipping packages. You bring marketplace customers back to your online shop by sending them messages about the status of their package journey and you inspire them with new promotions, complementary products and offers to buy again. 

Be the Customer Happiness Manager
– 30% less service requests — without having to expand your marketing team.

Once set up, PAQATO sends the appropriate status messages fully automated to your customers and leads them directly to your track & trace page. You can choose from over + 30 messages to send on the package journey and also integrate additional information, such as banners, promotions and complementary products.

Banner, Werbeaktionen und ergänzende Produkte in deine Versandnachrichten

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