Next level fulfillment

In addition to your world-class fulfillment service, offer your customers automated end-customer information along the package journey and set your service apart from other fulfillment providers.

Biete deinen Kunden neben einem erstklassigem Fulfillment Service auch eine automatisierte Endkundeninformation auf der Paketreise

Be the gamechanger for your fulfillment business

Modern fulfillment providers no longer hand over the communication of shipping messages like “Your package will arrive tomorrow” to external mail order providers such as DHL, DPD, Hermes and Co. They know that taking over this service opens up a wide range of lucrative opportunities: 

Marketing boost

Strengthen your brand as a fulfiller and continuously attract future customers.

Add-On service

Add PAQATO to your services and offer customers additional conversions during the package journey.

Overview & Forecast

Know the performances of your shipping partners and benchmark them for perfect service.

Strengthen your brand as a fulfiller
and attract future customers.

As usual, your CEP service provider takes care of the logistics, but the post purchase communication is costumized in your corporate design.

Whether it’s handover information, shipping status, or information on returns – all e-mails, SMS, or WhatsApp messages are branded. In this way, you use the package journey to grow your own brand awareness on the fulfillment provider market and to inspire future customers with your service.

Biete deinen Kunden mit der eigenen Track & Trace Seite eine einheitliche Customer Journey

Complete your service portfolio
and offer your customers additional conversions during the package journey.

Offer your customers to design the post purchase communication in their corporate design. 

With PAQATO you can create the perfect track & trace page and shipping notifications in no time. In addition, you can offer your customers to supplement the shipping information with numerous widgets such as advertising banners and matching products. This way, you enable your customers to provide a consistent customer journey and complement your service portfolio.

Reduce returns

PAQATO calculates forecasts of incoming returns based on previous collected data for optimal and early capacity planning.

In addition, you can significantly reduce your customer’s return rate through automated post purchase communication. When the package is dropped off at the post office, the end customer receives continuous reminders to avoid unnecessary returns – in your corporate design or in the design of your customer. 

SPEAQ – Die Bestellung liegt zur Abholung im Paketshop bereit
Kenne die Performance deiner Versandpartner und benchmarke diesen für perfekten Service

Know the performances of your shipping partners
and benchmark them for perfect service.

With QONTROL, you now have a complete overview of the performance of your CEP service providers, forwarders, and dropshipping partners. You can benchmark the performances of your mail order providers for your customers and, thanks to colored visualization, have a clear overview of the travel status of all customer orders. If there happens to be a problem, you can proactively inform your customer. This way, you can help reduce customer inquiries about the shipping status on your customer’s side by up to – 30%.

That’s it for music on hold
for end customers who want to know where their package is.

With PAQATO, end customers are proactively informed about status changes on the package journey. The end customer receives the update via his favorite channel, whether it’s via e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp. Even if the preparation of shipping takes longer or the customer’s address is incorrect; with PAQATO, end customers are always kept up to date. There will be no more “where-is-my-package” calls.

In addition, PAQATO offers an overview of all parcel shipments. This means your team knows all the statuses on every package journey and can provide the appropriate answers immediately in the event of queries. 

Bei QONTROL siehst du auch die Paketdetails inkl. dem Sendungsverlauf übersichtlich mit wenigen Klicks

Take your fulfillment to a new level with PAQATOIt has never been easier to increase your sales, expand your service offering and increase your popularity.

  • Boost your profile as a fulfillment provider.  
  • Offer unique value to your customers.  
  • Create track & trace pages for your customers in no time.
  • Know the performances of your shipping partners and benchmark them for perfect service.
  • Provide fully automated and personalized end-user information on the package journey.
  • Offer your customers a repurchase rate of up to + 10% on the package journey.
  • Enable your customers to provide a complete customer journey for their customers.
  • Reduce returns and rejects.  
  • Know the forecasts of inbound returns.
  • Reduce end customer service requests by up to – 30%. 
  • Quickly provide information to customer service teams.

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