Be the customer happiness manager and turn customers into loyal repeat customers on the package journey. 

Your competition is just one click away. Delight your customers not only with an appealing shop experience, but especially when their joy of ordering is greatest: during the package journey.

Mach auf der Paketreise Kunden zu treuen Bestandskunden

Boost the customer happiness
barometer with PAQATO

Did you know that your regular customers’ shopping carts are on average significantly higher than those of new customers

The high sensitivity of your customers while waiting for their order offers you a strong customer loyalty potential. Perform with PAQATO on the package journey and your customers will become strong regular buyers. With PAQATO you manage to give your customers a feeling of connection with your online shop and increase the anticipation of their order even more.

More and more retailers, such as Germany’s growth champions KoRo and Rose Bikes, as well as big players like Peek&Cloppenburg and Otto, are using the sweet spot of communication during the package journey to boost their customer happiness barometers.

Strengthen the customer lifetime value
With PAQATO you can reliably communicate the status of the package journey in the design and wording of your online shop.

Long story short: Many online shops perform well during the shop experience, but once the parcel gets sent on its way, the customer journey is thoughtlessly handed over to DHL, Hermes or others.  With PAQATO, you continue to hand over the packages to your mail order providers, but the post purchase communication comes from you; in your corporate design and wording. If something goes wrong, PAQATO automatically communicates the appropriate message to appease the customer and prevent anger or even a bad shop review.

SPEAQ - Informiere deine Kunden über die gesamte Paketreise auch bei Problemen immer transparent
SPEAQ - Feiere die Ankunft der Sendung mit deinen Kunden und erhalte so 5 Sterne Bewertungen im Handumdrehen

Recommendations are more important than your Google ranking
A recommendation by a friend is superior to any advertising. Because your customer has a trust bonus that Google does not have.

With PAQATO, you can offer the best service at exactly the right time and motivate customers to recommend your store to their friends. You can integrate additional information, such as recommendation campaigns, into the notifications about the shipping status. This way you get effective advertising space and increase the sales of your store.