Gamechanger Daniela Isfort, CEO of ISFORT Gruppe

ISFORT achieves 50% fewer returns with PAQATO through proactive recipient information.

ISFORT ships up to 2,500 orders per day. To supply both business and private customers, the company works with a large number of parcel services. The result is a landscape of mail order providers that communicate with their customers in a wide variety of ways. Confusion and lack of information sharing led to customer dissatisfaction, and unnecessary calls to the service hotline.

While post purchase communication was previously in the hands of the parcel service provider, ISFORT now uses this part of the customer journey to accompany the customer all the way to unpacking.

Achieved success with PAQATO: 

  • Reduction of – 50% in returns through proactive recipient information.
  • Better information for the customer and strengthening of brand trust.
  • Relief of customer service through complete shipment tracking.
  • Newly gained capacities in customer service are used for sales-promoting conversations.
  • Individualized shipment notifications create additional customer touchpoints.
  • Significant increase in positive customer reviews on rating portals.