Get the growth boost for your online shop

With PAQATO, you increase store sales during the package journey, increase the value of the shopping cart and let your traffic go through the roof by increasing recommendations.

Mit PAQATO erhöhst du während der Paketreise den Shopumsatz, steigerst die Höhe des Warenkorbs und lässt den Traffic durch steigende Empfehlungen durch die Decke gehen

More sales

Increase your store sales by up to + 10% with the same customers, by bringing them back to the store during the package journey.

Reduce costs

Avoid costs from unnecessary returns or losing customers due to unsatisfactory communication during the package journey.

Less service tickets

Reduce incoming service requests from your customers by up to – 30% through automated post purchase communication. No more “Where-is-my-package” calls.

What do e-commerce growth champions do differently?
They make the sweet spot of the package journey work for them.

Most online shops perform well during the store experience, but when the order is sent on its way, the customer journey is thoughtlessly handed over to DHL, Hermes or Co.

KoRo, Thalia and other growth champions don’t miss out on this sweet spot; because during the package journey, customer excitement is highest and communication with customers most effectively, with open rates of up to 110% and click-through rates of up to 70%.

Turn marketplace buyers into shop customers
Make marketplace customers aware of the variety of your s