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Checklist for online retailers

Get ready for the Christmas season!

Is it that time again? The Christmas season is approaching and the search for the right gifts for our loved ones is about to begin. The e-commerce industry is entering their busiest phase of the year – the Christmas business brings in a significant amount of the annual turnover for many online retailers. That’s why it is so important for your online shop to be well prepared and to ensure that operations run smoothly, from checkout to delivery.

With the help of our partners Shopware and Xentral, we have put together a checklist for online retailers so that every online shop can start this year’s peak season free of worries. Check whether your shop is already exploiting all its potential along the customer journey or whether you need to make a few improvements. We’ll help you optimize your customer experience in time to start the Christmas season well prepared.

Take the test now! Download our free checklist here

Download free checklist now!