Missing shipping notifications? Lost goods? Not with PAQATO.

Continuously analyse and compare the performance of your parcel service providers and shipping process to initiate optimization measures at an early stage

QONTROL – shipping analysis and proactive issue resolution

Benefit from your shipping analysis data

No confirmation of dispatch sent to the customer? Parcels that have been waiting for days to be processed? Every online retailer knows these problems. We have the solution for you. With our shipping analysis you keep an overview of your logistics, compare parcel service providers and thus proactively intervene to optimize your shipping process.

Issue resolution

Proactive solution of communication and shipping problems


Overview and control of logistics


Optimization of the shipping process

Optimized issue resolution mechanisms for you and your customers!


Customer benefits


Solve problems proactively in order to prevent your customers from waiting for the ordered goods.


Make sure that your customers receive the ordered goods reliably.


Remain permanently and positively in memory of your customers.

Your benefits

shipping analysis

Use the available data to analyse and optimize your logistics.

cancellation rate

Keep control of your logistics and avoid order cancellations due to miscommunication.


Optimize your shipping process using the analyzed data and enjoy the positive feedback from your customers.

Quick and easy integration into your online shop!

Combine QONTROL with our solution

Shipping communication

Our solution for automated and individualized shipping communication to offer your customers a well-rounded experience.

Track & Trace

Use our solution and guide your customers back to your own shop for parcel tracking.

Enterprise data protection

Extend your existing security mechanism with enhanced data protection for your customer data.

Interested in using our solution to analyse your parcel service business and identifying problems before your customers do? We are happy to advise you!